Key Stage 2


There are 4 levels, ranging from C to F in our Key Stage 2 Maths range. Each level contains 45 booklets covering all major topics over 45 weeks.




These booklets help students build up their confidence in all areas of Key Stage 2 English. Each title enables students to explore creative and descriptive writing and become more familiar with different writing techniques, learning new grammar and vocabulary along the way.



Verbal Reasoning



Non-Verbal Reasoning



From the fundamentals of grammar to the advanced stylistic writing techniques, our English papers provide the essential tools to master linguistics.

SEM™ Maths
Not only does it cover all the topics in the National Curriculum, but SEM also encourages students to stretch their ability by ensuring sound understanding in all areas of primary mathematics.

Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning is an effective method of testing a child's potential and to see their ability to think outside the box. Our papers tackle all the different problem types in VR and NVR.